Paragon Centre



Paragon Centre is a relatively small, cosy complex with a neighbourly atmosphere. The five buildings in the complex (3 buildings of Ground + 4 floors, one of Ground + 3 floors and one of Ground + 1 floor) have a common, central, well-foliaged driveway. All the buildings are solidly-constructed, and have attractively-finished entrance foyers and multiple lifts.


The buildings are solidly-constructed to industrial-loading specifications. The premises are monitored by CCTV, have high, secure walls, and two gates manned by Paragon Centre’s own trained security staff of long, steady service.

The security staff are trained for emergency fire-fighting. Each floor in every building is equipped with a regularly-tested fire-hydrant system, gravity-fed by a dedicated 110-kilolitre water tank (i.e. even in the event of a power outage, there is sufficient water pressure for water jets to reach the roof of every building from hydrants in multiple other buildings). Every floor has multiple fire exits, including passages / bridges to other buildings. The driveway is always kept clear for swift emergency firetruck access from P.B. Marg (a main thoroughfare). All floors are free of dangerous glass facades and are accessible using standard firetruck ladders.

Even when many areas of Mumbai flood (including when the city had its highest-ever rainfall of 99cm+ during a 24-hour period on 26 July 2005), the floodwaters stay clear of all our buildings.


There is ample water and power supply to all the buildings, with an exclusive BEST sub-station in the premises and large-capacity water-storage tanks. Fibre-optic cables of all the leading telecommunications companies have been laid externally up to the gate of the premises and internally. The premises have excellent mobile reception.


Ample covered car-parking capacity has been enhanced with the installation of a Klaus (German), automated, 2-tier car-parking system.


The following organisations have their offices in Paragon Centre:

world’s 2nd-biggest advertising group
advertising agency
advertising agency
German multinational manufacturer of door technology systems
newspaper publisher

ABP (Ananda Bazar Patrika) Group: publisher & broadcaster
financial services company
share brokerage house
reputable Chartered Accounting firm
NGO founded by the property owners, which runs a Teacher-Education Centre and seven English-medium schools for 3,400 underprivileged children


Freshly-prepared food and refreshments are available at reasonable prices to enjoy in the cafeteria or delivered to your office.

Municipal Permission

We have Municipal permission for office activity in all our buildings. However, many other buildings in Mumbai are only classed as “industrial” or “InfoTech parks”, and license space to offices- who then risk eviction, business disruption, legal action and fines.


The property for over 65 years has been with the current owners, who have a clear Certificate of Title.

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